24 Hours of Prayer

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24 Hours of Prayer is a Virtual Prayer Event.
Please sign up for a time to pray for at least 30 minutes.

Join us Saturday, January 30th from Midnight to Midnight, Sunday January 31st. Register below for a time slot to silently pray wherever you are, for however long as your schedule allows. After you complete your registration to participate, you will receive your prayer guide. Your prayer guide will be emailed to you on Friday, January 29th. You may use this tool during your focused time of prayer.
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Prayer Time Slots

You may check more than one time slot to pray. When a time slot has been filled, it will disappear below from below. Be sure to sign in with us with via Facebook, Instgram or YouTube using the hashtag #fallbrook24See the source image to let us know that you are praying with us! 
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